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Kidney Care & Services

Nephrology Clinic 

Appointment types

New patient visits

  • Occur "in-person" and are conducted similarly to traditional provider visits you have previously had

  • We see patients in our Denver office and in clinics around the state that are closer to our patients

  • We can see urgent visits by telehealth (a "video visit")

Follow up visits

  • Occur with provider online by telehealth, or "video visit" or in-person

    • Platform is always at a patient's discretion

    • We may be able to see you more quickly through a different platform. 

    • May occur with any one of our providers

  • Nurse and medical assistant visits available​

    • Occur online to address more specific questions

    • Available for administration of injectable medications

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) clinic - the intensive vital signs monitoring program

Transitions of Care (ToC) clinic, a telehealth clinic

Provider-to-Provider consult

  • Available by phone and video 

Ask us about how to travel with your dialysis


Dialysis is a treatment for kidney failure that rids your body of unwanted toxins, waste products and excess fluids by filtering your blood. When kidneys fail, your body may have difficulty cleaning your blood and keeping your system chemically balanced.


Some people with kidney failure may be able to receive a kidney transplant in a surgery. During this procedure, a healthy kidney from a donor is placed into your body. The new, donated kidney does the work that your two kidneys used to do.

We refer patients to the University of Colorado, Porter, P/SL, and other centers around the country.